RedKernel Referer Tracker Frequently Asked Questions

date() []: It is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings...
It's a server configuration problem (it happens since the last versions of PHP)
Tell your admin serveur or hosteur he must add a config var in the php.ini file:
date.timezone=YOUR_TIMEZONE (ie: date.timezone=GMT)
If this can not be done, here is some others ways:'s+timezone+settings

I just installed the script and I do not see any statistics :(
Just renember the stats are NOT in real time (for performance reasons with huge websites), so if you don't see anything after you installed the tracker, it's normal.
Just wait ~one hour (depending of your referral traffic) and the stats will be automatically updated.
If the stats are still empty, click on "update stats" in the stats panel, it will manually update the stats.
After that, if you have not any result in the stats panel, be sure you have correctly included the tracker and be sure the page you are tracking has referral traffic. (= hits from an another website or search engine)

What are UHits, RHits?
UHits = Unique Referral Hits (based on IP+Cookies, for 24 hours)
RawHits = Raw Referral Hits
ie: A visitor is on google, if he click on a link to your website and it is the first time during the last 24 hours; UHits=UHits+1
if it is the second (or more) time; RHits=RHits+1
This is NOT the traffic on your site, but the Referral traffic (the traffic from anothers sites to yours)