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A powerful referrer tracking script:

RedKernel Referrer Tracker uses a powerful filesystem (combined with MySql) to reduce the server load and to even works when the MySql server is down (temporarily), it can handle a very big amount of hits even on a little server.

It draw many detailed graphics depending of the period, the referring domain, the audited host... sort referring domains by unique/raw hits, print all referrers for the specified period, include a referrer search engine, a template-based "TOP X" to insert in your website page(s)...

Redkernel Referrer Tracker screenshot 001 Redkernel Referrer Tracker screenshot 002 Redkernel Referrer Tracker screenshot 003

Script features: (main features)
  • Easy to install. (Helper install php script, Automated MySql tables creation)
  • Multi-domain. (and subdomain)
  • The tracker can be included via PHP, SSI and Javascript.
  • Automated MySql tables backup/restore.
  • Powerful tmp/cache filsystem to increase the referrer tracking performance. (by reducing the server load).
  • Password protected referrer traffic analysis page.
  • Ability to audit referrers on many domains.
  • Referrers tracking by unique hits and raw hits.
  • Referrers statistics/graphics for many periods.
  • Day by day detailed graphics.
  • Top referrers. (top 4 by default)
  • WHOIS function for referrers.
  • Referrer search engine.
  • Template-based "TOP X".
  • Real time disk/MySql data size. (in octets)
  • The script always run even during a MySql downtime or reboot. (because of a tmp cache system)
  • Logging of all execution errors.
  • safe_mode compatible.
  • register_globals compatible.
  • PHP.
  • MySql.
  • Linux/Unix.
  • ZLib. (librairie)
  • GD. (librairie)

Demo of the working referrer tracking script:
  • Demo url. (referrer traffic analysis page)

Download the PHP script:

RedKernel Referrer Tracker is a free php script but you have to respect the copyright.

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May 27 2006: RedKernel Referrer Tracker Version/patch 1.1.2 released.
- A config var for enabling/disabling the auto-backup is added.
- Few code modifications are done.

November 26 2005: Version/patch 1.1.0-3 released.
- Some variables are added for more flexibility in the minitop.
- Easier to install/update: paths are auto-detected in both trackers.
- Bugfix: horizontal offset in some graph results.

September 12 2005: Version/patch 1.1.0-2 released.
- A bug in the filter (in "Details results") is fixed.
- Some compatibility problems are fixed.

August 24 2005: Version 1.1.0 released.
- A new graph is added. (Daily UHits/RHits ratio)
- The graphs are a bit redesigned.
- A top X (ie: top 10) can be generated and included on your website.
- "Last 365 days" is added in the "Referring Domains" and "Referring Urls" sections.
- "Last 24h" is added in the "Referring Urls" section.
- The PHP implementation is a bit improved.
- Some compatibility problems are fixed.

March 05 2005: Version/patch 1.0.b5-1 released.
- Recent PHP versions compatibility problems fixed.
- Version checking problem with Fsockopen() fixed.

June 01 2004: Version 1.0.b5 released.
- Last_7 & Last_30 added.
- Cookie traking bug fixed in rkrt_tracker-viajs.php.

February 01 2004: Version 1.0.b4 released.
- A bug in the 'periode filter' is fixed.

January 17 2004: Version 1.0.b3 released.
(first version)

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